Request for Digital Technology Accessibility Review

This guide will prepare you to complete the  Request for Technology Disability Accessibility Review Form.


The Request for Technology Disability Accessibility Review Form should be completed and reviewed before acquiring any digital technology, applications, software or materials (paid or free) for university programs, courses or activities. Such review is required by university policy. 

Before starting the request form you should request the product's Accessibility Conformance Report from the manufacturer.  Ask the manufacturer for their product's completed "VPAT" (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template). You will need to attach the report to the request form.

An accommodation plan (EEAAP) may be required for inaccessible technologies.

Accessibility Review considerations for RFPs and other formal competitive procurement events.

Digital Accessibility Technology Review Request form

For more information visit Accessibility When Acquiring IT Products/Services.  

Form Guidance

Department or Initiative Academic Program, department or initiative served by the technology Optional
Additional information Any additional information about the acquisition that may relate to accessibility Optional
Intended Users Check all that apply Required
Scope of Intended Use Check all that apply Required
Which campuses/business units will use the product? Check all the campuses/units that are intended to use the technology Required
Responsible Person Enter the NAME of the university employee responsible for completing the Accessibility Review process. Typically this is the faculty or staff person whose program, activity or course is supported by the technology. If the product is sponsored by a committee, enter the committee chair. If an RFP is involved enter the Strategic Procurement Sourcing Manager's Name. Required
University Department Enter the university department responsible for the program, course or activity that employs the technology. Required
Course Name(s)/IDs If applicable enter the name and ids of the courses, or types of courses, served by the technology Optional
Responsible Person - Email If the "Responsible Person" is not the one completing this form, enter their EMAIL address here. Required
Is this, or a similar, technology already in use in the University? If unsure, check with your Campus IT Officer. Required
Have you requested, received or found an ACR (accessibility conformance report) such as a VPAT for the product? It is the responsibility of the requester to collect accessibility conformance information for the product. The review may not be able to proceed without this information. Use of a technology/product at other higher education institutions does not constitute evidence of accessibility conformance. Required
Known Access Barriers? List any known access barriers to the technology for persons with a disability. Optional
Type of Acquisition New Purchase/Acquisition or Renewal? Required
Manufacturer-Provided Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT) Please upload a copy of the Manufacturer's Accessibility Conformance Report (completed VPAT or similar). If you cannot find a report on the manufacturer's website you should ask for it from their sales or support areas. If the manufacturer requires you to sign a "non-disclosure agreement" in order to obtain the report, please forward their request to: Optional
Type of Digital Technology Select the categories that the technology fits in to. Required
Type of Device Used? Select the types of devices that the technology is used with. Optional
Technology or Product website The address of the website (may be copied from the address bar of your web browser while visiting their site). Should start with http:// or https:// Required if applicable
Technology or Product Name The product name (as searchable on or the manufacturer's website) Required
Technology or Product Description What does this product do and/or allow the user, or the university, to accomplish? Required
Intended Availability Date When is the product expected to be available to use by? Optional
Does the technology include streaming video or audio? Yes/No/Don't Know Required
Will this technology support academic activities? Yes/No/Don't Know Required
Request Digital Technology Accessibility Review


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