How Do I Register a Device (Including Computers, Gaming Consoles, and Smart Devices) to the Tempest Network?

Students, faculty & staff can quickly and easily connect all of their devices to the UMS Tempest network (all campuses).


Requires activated account 

  • If you have your ID# and Activation Key, visit 
  • Click the Account Activation link and follow the instructions on that page. 
    • If you have not been provided your ID# and/or Activation key, call the UMS Help Desk at 1-800-696-4357 (or 207-621-4357) Any technician will be able to assist to provide this information.

To use Tempest

  1. Select the Tempest network in your wireless setup.
  2. Devices with Web Browser: Open the browser and you will be redirected to a self-registration page.
    • If the self-registration page does not auto-load, go to to force the registration page to open.
  3. Devices without Web Browser: (i.e., gaming systems, smart TVs, etc)
  • Find the MAC Address of the device - This is usually found on the underside or back of the device. If you do not see it there, you may need to go into the network settings of the device.
  • How to find MAC address for various devices: Run a Google search "How to find MAC address for [your specific device]" to bring find instructions for MAC address location.
  • Manually register a device on the network here. The web address is


Web-ready devices including PC, MAC, gaming consoles, cell phones, and more.


Some devices may not be able to register to the UMS Networks due to compatibility or security issues. 



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