Student BYOD Printing Using Print Deploy

NOTE: This article is out of date. Student BYOD printing should now refer to Printing from personal (BYOD) macOS or Windows device.

Print Deploy is a print queue deployment tool that gets the right printer drivers and print queues to the right person using zones based on subnet ranges for each campus on the University wi-fi network. Printer queues can be installed automatically or be made available for optional installation. In order to use Print Deploy, the user needs to first connect to the University wi-fi network install the appropriate Print Deploy client for their operating system. 

Print Deploy is currently available at UMA, UMF, UMFK, and UMPI. 

NOTE: USM, UMM, and LAW are still using the PaperCut client and should refer to PaperCut Client Installation and Set-up


Connect to the University Wifi network

Select EduRoam from your wifi network selections.

If you have not previously connected to the University wifi network, see How to join your mobile device to EduRoam.

Install Print-Deploy Client

NOTE: If the PaperCut client is already installed on the device, please uninstall it prior to installing the Print Deploy client. See Uninstall the PaperCut Client


In order to install the Print Deploy client on macOS, download the client from here and follow the installation wizard.


In order to install the Print Deploy client on Windows, download the client from here and follow the installation wizard.

Install Printers

  1. After Print Deploy client installation, any "required" printers for the zone the user is in will get installed and show up in their operating system's printer list automatically.  To see which printers were installed by Print Deploy and to see any optional ones available, click on the little printer icon that is in the system tray for Windows or in the top right of the Desktop on a Mac. NOTE: If you are using Dark Mode, you may have trouble seeing the icon.
  2. To install printers, click Refresh my Printers Now then click View my Printers. In the window that pops up, under My Printers you will see printers installed by Print Deploy. Click Add Printers on the left column to see optional printers and click the Install to install desired printers. When you change zones (which are based on  network IP ranges), within ~20 minutes your installed printers will update. You will get the print queues for the new zone installed and printers from the old zone will also be uninstalled. You can speed up this process by clicking Refresh My Printers.

NOTE: For USM and UMLAW, if you click Refresh when off the EduRoam network or have been off campus for more than ~20 minutes, printers installed by Print Deploy will uninstall, since your computer will no longer meet criteria for the Zone to receive them. So you will need to re-install again later when next time you re-connect to EduRoam and want to print.

INFO: Some have a Trash Can icon next to them which allows you to delete them since they are optional printers the user installed, but others will have a line across the trash can icon meaning they are required for that zone.


Print as you normally would from the application you are using and select the appropriate printer from those that have been installed.


  • macOS 10.12+, Windows 10


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