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Frequently asked questions about the UMS OneCard.

University Bucks, Dining Funds, and your OneCard

Managing your OneCard through eAccounts

Help with your OneCard

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University Bucks, Dining Funds, and your OneCard

Do I need to get a new ID Card?

  • No! Your current student or employee ID card will allow you to access all of the new OneCard features. To obtain a card, please visit your campus Card Office

What can I use my OneCard for?

  • Your campus OneCard can be used to access meal plans and for ‘Campus Bucks’ spending at any UMS campus
  • It is also the same card that may be used for door access
    • Please see the chart below to view what services are available at what campus using your OneCard
Campus   Meal (Board) Plans*** Snack Bar* Bookstore* Printing / Copying* Door Access Gym Access** Library Services
UM x x x x x x x
USM x x x x x x x
UMA x x x x x x x
UMF x x x x x   x
UMPI x x   x x x x
UMFK x x x x   x x
UMM x x   x x   x
  • * Locations where University Bucks are accepted
  • ** All campuses allow gym access with the campus card, however, UM, USM, UMFK, UMPI, & UMA (Augusta & Bangor) utilize our Transact system for card swipes
  • *** Sodexo flex dining dollars, Sodexo meal plan dollars (the additional dollars on top of meal plans), Sodexo bonus dollars can only be used at your designated campus

Campus Bucks, dining dollars, flex dollars, what is the difference?

  • Each campus now offers campus bucks for spending (services will vary by campus - see above) and will roll over from year to year. However, campus bucks are subject to the State of Maine unclaimed property laws if you do not make a purchase for over a 12 month period
  • Dining dollars, flex dollars, and bonus dollars are included in your Sodexo meal plan and can only be used on the campus where you reside. Any funds excluding Flex Dollars not used by the end of the academic year are forfeited. These dollars will be automatically be used before “bucks” if you have them on your account

How can I add ‘Campus Bucks’ to my card?

  • Campus Bucks can be added through the eAccounts portal or the mobile app.  See “eAccounts” information below
  • Funds may also be added with cash at a PHIL Station on the UM & USM Campuses
    • PHIL Stations are located at Fogler Library at UMaine, and Portland, Gorham & LAC at USM

Will my Campus Bucks expire if I don’t use them?

  • As long as you actively use your account, Campus Bucks do NOT expire.  If you do not make a purchase within a 12-month period, Campus Bucks are subject to Maine Unclaimed Property laws and will be sent to the State of Maine.  We will attempt to contact you prior to unclaimed property activation
  • Upon graduation or withdrawal, you may request a refund of any unused funds remaining in your ‘Bucks’ account by emailing
    • Refund requests must include your current address

Managing your OneCard through eAccounts

What is eAccounts?

  • eAccounts is used to check your UMS OneCard account balances, including bucks, meal plans, flex dollars, and to add money to your bucks balance
  • You can log in to make deposits and save your debit or credit card information for quick deposits on the go, or schedule recurring deposits
  • You can also use eAccounts to report your card lost or stolen 24/7

Where can I access eAccounts online?

How do I use eAccounts?

Can I access eAccounts from my Mobile Device?

  • Yes! The eAccounts mobile app is currently available from the Google Play Store and the Apple app store
    • Please note: A saved payment method must be registered through the web portal in order to make a deposit using the iOS or Android eAccounts App. This can be done after your first initial deposit

What credentials do I need to add funds to my card?

  • For easy access, log in using your UMS ID and password. The same account that you use to access many other University of Maine System services such as Gmail, MaineStreet, Transact, etc

  • For easiest access, click the eAccounts icon on the Launchpad in the portal or download the eAccounts mobile app

  • Parents can also add funds to a bucks account with the student’s UMS ID and Last Name

What if I can’t log into my account?

INFO: The eAccounts system is synced with your University account and will remain active provided that your University account is active
  • Ensure that your UMS account is active and your password has not expired. To manage your UMS account, please visit

  • If your UMS account is working properly and you still cannot log into the eAccounts portal or mobile app, please submit an email ticket to

What other information can I find in the eAccounts app?

  • In the eAccounts app, you can add funds to your account, view account balances, meal boards, and transactions (from your affiliated campus), download statements, and declare your card lost or stolen

How long before my deposit appears on my account?

  • Deposits will be available immediately

Can my parents add funds to my Bucks account?

  • Yes! Parents can simply make a “guest deposit” by entering the student’s last name and UMS ID number to link to deposit to their account. It still goes on instantly!

What is the minimum deposit amount for eAccounts?

  • The minimum deposit amount for eAccounts is $5.00

What if I lost my card and need to deactivate it?

  • Locking your account as soon as it is lost or stolen will prevent unauthorized spending on your accounts
  • To deactivate your card, log in to your campus eAccounts website using your UMS ID and select "Card Services." Then simply select the "Deactivate Card" button and your card will be reported lost or stolen and stop working immediately.
    • If you locate your card you can reactivate in it in the same portal.  If you can not, locate your card, visit your local campus Card Office to have a new card printed. Once a new card is printed, the old card will be permanently deactivated.


For issues with your University OneCard, please contact your local Card Services office:

University of Maine & Machias
Phone: 207-581-2273 

University of Southern Maine
Phone: 207-780-5600

University of Maine at Augusta
Phone: 207-621-3465 (Augusta) / 207-262-7804 (Bangor)

University of Maine at Farmington
Phone: 207-778-7006

University of Maine at Fort Kent
Phone: 207-834-7587

University of Maine at Presque Isle
Phone: 207-768-9560

**  You may also contact the UMS Help Desk at 1-800-696-4357 or by emailing

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