How to connect an Android phone or tablet to the Eduroam WiFi network

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Android phone experiencing trouble connecting to EduRoam, in some cases prompting for a Domain. 


INFO: If you are having trouble connecting to EduRoam, and you previously connected to EduRoam, you should "forget" or delete the EduRoam network on your device in WiFi settings before continuing with the instructions below.
  1. Connect the phone to the MaineEDU-Guest network.
  2. Install the GetEduRoam app from the Google Play Store.  
  3. Select University of Maine System from the institution list in the app. "Username" needs to in "" format in the app.
WARNING: You must keep the GetEduRoam app on your device/phone even though you don't use it directly.  It functions in the background to make EduRoam work. 


  • Android Device
  • EduRoam WiFi


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