Printing from personal (BYOD) macOS or Windows device

The University supports printing from your personal Windows or macOS device to its pay-for-print system. These are the printers that are normally located in computer labs and libraries. Students can visit a set-up link that will install location-specific University printer queues.

INFO: Rolling out to USM, UMF, UMFK, UMPI, UMA, UMLAW and UMM late-summer 2022. (UMaine has not migrated to PaperCut yet, so not applicable to them)


NOTE: Uninstall any previous PaperCut Clients and queues that were installed by them first. See Uninstall the PaperCut Client and Uninstall Print Deploy Client.

  1. Visit the appropriate Mobility Print Cloud Print set-up link for your campus and location(s) 
    • NOTE: Set-up links need to be visited from a browser on the macOS or Windows computer you intend to install the printers on 
  1. Follow the instructions for your Operating System

Printer Naming Convention

Printers names should generally follow the naming convention <campus abbreviation>-<campus location>-<building>-<additional location or printer identification>-<Black and White or Color> (i.e. USM-POR-GLICK-3rd-BW). You can click on the printers installed by the set-up link and also see a more user-friendly location description in the Location field of the Printer Properties.


Queues missing or unable to print to a queue

  1. Check the status of your job by logging into the PaperCut user web interface and clicking on Recent Print Jobs in the left navigation pane.
  2. Delete existing University printer queues on your computer and then revisit the set-up link and follow the instructions
    • There may have been changes to the queues assigned to the link and you will need to go through the set-up process again to pick up changes like new or removed queues.
  3. Check that you are connected to EduRoam

If the above troubleshooting directions do not resolve your issue, then create a ticket with the Help Desk and include your user name, the set-up link you used, and information you have about the printer you were trying to print to.


What if the set-up link installs queues I don't need?

You can delete the queue the way you would delete any other queue using your operating system.

What if I delete a queue and now I need to re-install it?

Revisit the Mobility Print Cloud Print set-up link and it will re-install it.

Can I use the set-up link for multiple campuses or locations?

Yes. It will install additional print queues from the additional set-up links, but not duplicate printer queues it has already installed.

How can I print from a Chromebook?

Chromebooks can also print to University printers but have different instructions. See Printing from personal (BYOD) iOS, Android or ChromeOS device



  • macOS 10.15+
  • Windows 10 and 11


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