Adding the Turnitin Draft Coach "add-in" to Microsoft Word online

Turnitin Draft Coach guides students from the first to the final draft of their assignment using our similarity, citation, and grammar-checking tools. This document provides instructions for users to configure Turnitin Draft Coach with Microsoft Office Word Online.


INFO: Turnitin Draft Coach cannot be added to your desktop versions of Microsoft Word.

When adding the Turnitin Draft Coach add-in for the first time:

  1. Sign into your MS Office Online account with your UMaine System Credentials (
  2. Open an online Microsoft Word document.
  3. Select Insert and then Add-ins (you may need to select the "..." button if the bar is truncated.)
  4. From the Office Add-ins module, select Store and then search for Turnitin Draft Coach.
    1. (If the add-in does not appear, you may need to refresh your page and try again. If it does not appear after refreshing the page, it may not be set up for your institution. Contact your instructor and they can advise you.
  5. Select the "add" button for Turnitin Draft Coach.
  6. The Turnitin Draft Coach panel will appear on the right-hand side of your document.
    1. If the panel fails to appear and an error message appears instead, ensure pop-ups are enabled in your browsers settings and try again.
  7. Turnitin Draft Coach is ready to help! Select Get Feedback Now on the bottom right panel to get started.
  8. You may be prompted to log-in to your UMaine System account to authorize the Add-in.
  9. Draft Coach will now be available for use on the right-hand side of your document(s.)

When adding Turnitin Draft Coach to documents:

  1. Open an online Microsoft Word document.
  2. Ensure Home is selected on the menu bar, and then select Turnitin. Draft Coach is now listed as an option beneath the menu barScreen shot depicting the location of the "turnitin" button in msoffice online
  3. Select Draft Coach. The Turnitin Draft Coach panel will appear on the right-hand side of your document.
  4. Turnitin Draft Coach is ready to help!
    Information on using Turnitin and its features



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