Accessing Employee Email Mailboxes

How can an employee email account be accessed, such as to set an out-of-office message, when there is an unexpected absence?

Detailed Information

Background and Privacy Considerations

Information in employee mailboxes may be vital to the operation of a department.  Extended unavailability of an employee to access vital email could impact support to customers.  The University does not capriciously, unreasonably or unnecessarily access email accounts of employees. When the University has legitimate needs to access files, the University will take reasonable precautions to protect employee privacy by limiting access following appropriate collective bargaining agreements. 


  1.  All email access requests will be made by an Human Resources (HR) partner for the employee's campus.  The HR partner will take actions with consultation with the Office of General Counsel as needed.
  2.  The help desk will create a ticket which will be routed to the Information Security Office (ISO).   
  3. ISO will review the request and forward to the email administrator for action when appropriate.


  • Applies to employee's email only.  Does not apply to students. 


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