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How to upload your photo to the University of Maine System through Transact online photo submission.
The University of Maine System has an agreement with Microsoft which allows for current Faulty, Staff, and Students to access Office365 on their personal devices. Office365 can either be used online within a web browser or be installed on a computer for offline use.
Brief Video with navigation tips on using the new Student Center.
This article will walk you through a new voicemail setup. This will include setting a PIN and recording the audio message that people will hear when they leave you a voicemail.
How do I register for classes in the new Student Center?
UMS Standard Desktop, Workstation, Mobile and Mobile Workstation computer offerings for institutional purchases (not personal purchases).
Options to regain access to your UMS account
The Zoom web conferencing system allows students, faculty, and other guests to meet synchronously over the internet. Everyone at the University of Maine System has a Pro Zoom license. This article will assist students with getting started with using Zoom.
This article will walk you through accessing and using your voicemail while on or off campus. We do offer a few options for voicemail now including a web based platform, and voicemail in your email!
How to add funds to UMS OneCard for Printing with PaperCut.
As of June 15th, 2021, using an older version of the Zoom client will result in suboptimal performance as Application programming interface (API) calls to Google’s previous API will begin returning errors at a steadily increasing rate, until the error rate reaches 100% on December 15, 2021.   Users of non-university administered computers are required to check regularly for Zoom updates to be sure they are in compliance with Zoom policy and recommendations.  All University of Maine System Inform
How to install printers available for student use using Print Deploy.
Instructions and links for connecting to UMS Remote Labs
This document outlines the process to make University Bucks deposits onto your University ID Card via the eAccounts webapp service.
eAccounts how-to
A brief overview of account creation and logging into Zoom using SSO in the Windows or Mac desktop client for UMS Student, Staff, and Faculty.
How to print using a BYOD device using Mobility Print Cloud Print
I recently changed my maine.edu password. It seems like my University device is only accepting my previous maine.edu password. May have received an error message stating "The referenced account is currently locked out and may not be logged on to."
This article describes how to clear cache / cookies in multiple different browsers for both PC & Mac. Doing this can resolve browser issues such as being unable to login to the portal or other website. This can also help for non-UMS websites.
A brief overview of account creation and logging into Zoom in a web browser for the UMS Student, Staff, and Faculty communities.
How to Change UMS Password.
Emergency Notification and Alert System logon and configuration instructions.
A quick reference for the process of importing your brightspace grades into Mainestreet.