What Can I Do to Prevent Zoombombing?


Zoombombing is a new form of trolling in which a participant uses Zoom's screen sharing feature to interrupt and disrupt meetings and classes. This article helps with some information to assist with preventing zoom bombing.


What is Zoombombing?

The act of someone taking part in a video conference ( a meeting at which two or more people who are in different places can talk to and see each other using electronic technology) to which they have not been invited, often with the intention of interrupting and annoying the people in the meetings.

Zoom announced security enhancements designed to help meeting hosts block zoom bombing attempts.


Zoom is continually updating its security features to offer options to prevent Zoom bombing. Please review the following video for Zoom recommended options for minimizing risk.

A Few Important Steps to Prevent Zoom bombing

Set Up Password requires a participant to enter a passcode to enter the Zoom Session.

Note: Meetings have been set to Require a Passcode as of April 9, 2020 

  •  Information about Zoom Meeting Passcodes setting

Additional Instructions about Zoom Meeting Passcodes

Enable a Waiting Room

The Waiting Room feature enables you will be able to control who and when a participant is admitted into the Zoom session.  

Control Your Meeting

You have the ability to remove and manage participants during your Zoom session through Manage Participants icon.

Update the Zoom Client

Zoom has been updating its application in response to Zoom-bombing and other security flaws.  Below are instructions to do so.

If your device is University owned and managed you may need to use the below instructions to update your machine.


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