Campus Solutions Access Requests

Access to Campus Solutions Student Data

Employees who are required to access student information to perform their duties must request and be assigned the proper security roles. This access is not granted automatically upon hire.

The restrictions on who should have access to student data are outlined by the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This means that only those employees who need to know certain types of information to perform their duties will be granted access to that information. These restrictions ensure that student information is safe and protect the rights of our students.

Each Campus Solutions Security Liaison within the University of Maine System is responsible for maintaining the security for Campus Solutions and the data associated with their campus’ students.

Also Known As

  • Mainestreet

How to Access

Requesting Campus Solutions Access

To obtain access to student information, employees must first successfully complete the FERPA training module with a minimum score of 80. Proof of successful completion will be emailed to you.

Faculty and staff within the academic departments and colleges have similar types of access to student information and will be assigned a security profile that matches their position.
Employees within other administrative offices may have duties unique to that office. Examples include Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Financials, and Library. When completing the request form, please include all relevant details of the access being requested. If applicable, you can provide the name of an individual whose security profile should match the employee for whom access is being requested.

Change of Job or Duties

Occasionally, a modification is required to Campus Solutions access for existing employees. Requests for changes should be submitted using the same request form but selecting “Yes” to the question about existing access. Provide all details of access that should be granted or removed.


Campus Solutions Security Liaison Email Grid
Campus CS Security Liaison Email
Maine Law                                                                                       

Available To

  • Faculty
  • Staff

Access to UMS Services is based upon the UMS Account Life Cycle Policy.

Where Available

  • System-wide - Any Campus

Charges for Service

  • There are no direct charges to departments or individuals for this service.
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