Requesting Support for myCampus Portal Sites

Common issues, list of site administrators, and escalation paths for myCampus support.

Detailed Information 

Each campus myCampus portal has a site administrator and potentially a backup/alternate administrator. These site administrators are responsible for most common support tasks such as maintaining content, supporting other users, and communicating with stakeholders on their campus. Most regular site user questions should be directed to the campus site administrator rather than going through IT, as they are resolved outside of IT. For more details, see the article Campus Website Management Roles and Responsibilities.

However, a few common myCampus issues - including the most reported issue: providing access a particular myCampus site/page/Quick Link/etc. - can be diagnosed by Support Services following instructions in the article Troubleshooting myCampus Portal Issues

Only requests from the campus administrators would typically be escalated to T3 Web Technologies, and many requests - such as new/modified Quick Links or new campus portal subsites - can only be made by campus administrators. 

Other tickets, including to provide access a particular myCampus site and other issues explained in Troubleshooting myCampus Portal Issues, need to be resolved in systems outside of myCampus, as explained further in that article.

MyCampus Portal Administrators

Campus Support Address (if user is not the Site Administrator, direct them here) Site Administrators (escalate tickets from these users to T3 Web Technologies)
UM Glenn Eichel
Glenn Eichel, Mike Kirby
UMA Amber Sinclair, BJ Kitchin
UMF Barbie Castonguay
Barbie Castonguay
UMFK Steve Michaud
Steve Michaud
UMM Brett Munster
Brett Munster, Mike Kirby
UMPI Shawn McPherson
Shawn McPherson
Corina Larsen
Corina Larsen
USM Andrea Atwood 
Andrea Atwood
Maine Law Michelene Decrow
Michelene Decrow


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