Requesting Support or Access for CampusPress

List of site administrators and escalation paths for CampusPress, a cloud-hosted WordPress service.


CampusPress is a cloud-hosted WordPress service provided through a third-party vendor and available only in specific circumstances. It offers a wide variety of vetted themes and plugins, so in some ways it is more flexible than WordPress as offered on campus public website, but it is limited in that we can’t add additional themes, plugins, or custom code.

CampusPress is an opt-in service for campuses that have chosen an administrator to manage its use on their campus. In most cases, CampusPress is managed by the same person as the main public campus website, and the campus administrator would choose which of those options fits a particular request. User support may be self-service through the CampusPress Knowledge Base or provided by the campus administrator, as decided by the campus. Web Technologies does not provide direct support for this service.

In keeping with UMS policy, each individual site business owner (not IT) is responsible for ensuring their site meets web accessibility standards.

Campuses that have opted to use and manage this service, along with their campus administrator contact information:

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