Requesting Support or Access for LibraryH3lp Live Chat

List of site administrators and escalation paths for LibraryH3lp web-based live chat tool. 


LibraryH3lp web-based live chat is a service available to campuses that have opted to use and support it on their campus. Access to this service at the overall campus level is managed by Web Technologies, and subsequent tasks - creating new chats, adding them to websites, managing chat users, etc. - are handled by a site administrator on each campus that has opted to use LibraryH3lp.

This administrator is expected to learn those tasks using the LibraryH3lp documentation, which requires a libraryh3lp account (provided by Webtech to the site administrator only) to access. Web Technologies does not provide direct support for this service. If a campus does not have a designated administrator, new chats are not available, and there is no support beyond the LibraryH3lp documentation.

The only administrators known to Webtech at this time are:

Campuses that have used this service in the past but do not currently have an administrator are considered unsupported and would need to designate a new campus administrator.  


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