Security Roles for TeamDynamix Project Management Tools

In TeamDynamix (TDX) User security roles control what functions a user can access related to Project  Management.

INFO: Security roles are set for EACH USER and apply to any project that they can access regardless of their functional role on the particular project.

Detailed Information


Security Role Project Manager Project Lead Technician
Intended For IT PMO PM's Non-PM Project Leads Project Resources
Issue Section (See options below)      
Add Issues Yes Yes Yes
Delete Issues Yes Yes No
Edit Issues Yes Yes Yes
Move Issues Yes Yes No
Update Issues Yes Yes Yes
Projects Section (See options below)      
Add Global Reports and Global Report Folders in Projects No No No
Add Global Searches and Global Report Folders in Analysis No No No
Add Projects Yes Yes No
Add Templates Yes No No
Allow users to update all project statuses within the Analysis Application No No No
Can Move Files Between projects/Workspaces Yes Yes No
Manage Project/Request Sections Yes Yes No
Modify Project Initial Values Yes Yes No
View Project Resource report Yes Yes No
View Time Detail Report Yes Yes No
View Time Summary Report Yes Yes No
Project Portfolio Section (See options below)      
Edit All Portfolios and Programs No No No
Manage all projects in my Portfolios and Programs Yes No No
Risk Section (See options below)      
Add Risks Yes Yes Yes
Delete Risks Yes Yes No
Edit Risks Yes Yes Yes
Move Risks Yes Yes No
Update Risks Yes Yes Yes
Survey Section (See options below)      
Access All Project Surveys Yes No No
Create and modify Project Surveys Yes No No
Delete Project Survey Responses Yes No No
Delete unused Project Surveys and Project Survey Questions Yes No No
Task Section (See options below)      
Add Plans Yes Yes No
Add Tasks Yes Yes Yes
Add time against tasks for other team members Yes Yes No
Add time to  my tasks only Yes Yes Yes
Add Time Type Limits Yes Yes No
Can baseline plans and tasks Yes Yes No
Delete Plans Yes No No
Delete Tasks Yes Yes No
Edit Plans Yes Yes Yes
Edit Tasks Yes Yes Yes
Set the completed date of a task Yes Yes Yes
Update My Assigned Tasks Only Yes Yes Yes
Update Tasks Yes Yes No


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