How do I correct an immunization record entered incorrectly into the UMS Immunization Portal PointNClick?

If information is entered incorrectly into the University of Maine System Immunization Portal (PointNClick), and loads into MaineStreet, the data will need to be corrected in the University of Maine System Immunization Portal. This article will walk employees who have the Immunization Validator Role through correcting an immunization record for a student in the University of Maine System Immunization Portal. 


  1. Using a web browser (PC/Mac, Tablet or Smartphone), visit the University of Maine Employee Immunization Portal. You will be taken to the UMS login page where you will be asked to enter your username and password. For detailed login instructions click here.
  2. Search for the student under the Patient tab. In the box next to the magnifying glass, type the name or student ID for the student you need to correct. Click the magnifying glass to initiate the search. 

Image of Patient search


  1. Click Immunizations from the left-hand menu. 

Image of Immunizations on left hand menu.


  1. Select the immunization that needs to be corrected by clicking the date under Event Date. Make any necessary corrections and click Save.

Image of Immunization Record Event Date

  1. You can also review and make changes to any documents uploaded for the student by clicking Scanned Documents in the left menu. 

Image of Scanned Documents for a student.


  1. Select the document you would like to review. You can review, Acknowledge, Unacknowledge, or correct. Make any changes and click OK, or close out of the screen using the 'x' in the upper right corner.

Image of immunization record.


  1. Changes will be uploaded to MaineStreet in the nightly process.


  • University of Maine Immunization Portal (PointNClick)


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