Allow Sharepoint Content to be Shared with Users Outside UMS

Some departments or teams within the University may have a use-case in which they need to share content with external users. By default sites can share folders or files with users external to the University by inviting them by their email address. If greater degree of external sharing than that is required, the SharePoint site will need to be specially configured for it.



USIT Support

  1. Create a ticket with the SharePoint site name that needs to be switched to documents view
  2. Escalate to OneDrive and SharePoint (OSD) team

OSD Team

  1. Log on to the SharePoint Admin Center.
  2. Choose the site from the list
  3. Go to the Policies section and click Edit under the "External Sharing" section
  4. Change the External Sharing to Anyone


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Mon 8/9/21 3:27 PM
Mon 9/26/22 1:32 PM
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