SharePoint is a powerful tool that provides departments, project teams and communities the ability to share and collaborate on files via the web. SharePoint is packaged with a variety of valuable features that are not readily available within standard network file shares.

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SharePoint FAQ

Allow Sharepoint Content to be Shared with Users Outside UMS

Process to configure a SharePoint site for Extenal Sharing

Contribute without Delete permissions in SharePoint

How to share so users can edit files but not delete them.

Email notifications from OneDrive/Sharepoint are being sent to the Spam folder in Gmail

Solution that outlines how to create a filter to avoid notifications from Onedrive and Sharepoint going into the Spam folder in Gmail

How Should I Share Files in SharePoint

How Should I Share Files in SharePoint

How to Manage Security Groups in Sharepoint

How to manage SharePoint Security Group membership

Making External Guests Members on a SharePoint Site

How to add a Guest Member to a Team

Migrate content to SharePoint

How to move content from OneDrive to SharePoint

Migrate Content to SharePoint using Microsoft's SharePoint Migration Tool

Instructions on how to set-up and utilize Microsoft Sharepoint Migration Tool.

Monitoring usage and sharing on a SharePoint site

How to run a report on the usage and sharing of files and folders on a SharePoint site.

Remove folder or file permissions in SharePoint

How to remove permissions for a user to a SharePoint folder or file and how to check a user's permissions

Rename SharePoint Document Library

How to rename a SharePoint Document Library

Request for SharePoint Site without "_o365" in the name or a Site rename

How to request an official departmental SharePoint site without the "_0365"

SharePoint Version History and File Restoration

SharePoint Version History and File Restoration

Sharing in SharePoint

Sharing in SharePoint

When do my OneDrive files get deleted in the life-cycle of a OneDrive account?

How long a person has before they can no longer restore their OneDrive files after their account is disabled