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Occasionally, Brightspace users attempting to view or embed Kaltura videos may receive an "Access Denied" or "Application Error" message when accessing content. These instructions will assist with the most common solution.
Overview of the discussion board feature of "post before you can view threads" for faculty.
How students can find the content for their course.
A brief guide to the basic process for copying a course in Brightspace to another course.
When a student or faculty uploads a JPEG file anywhere on the Brightspace website, they may receive a message that says "File May Contain Geolocation Details." That message might make a user worry for their security or safety.
Brightspace has a mobile app called "Pulse."   Pulse is a utility app that complements notifications from Brightspace.  It is NOT an app that users use to complete coursework.
An instructor does not see their course available to them in brightspace.
A student is not enrolled in a Brightspace course and needs access.
Information on how to add announcements to a course
The most common reason for not being able to attach google docs or items from google drive to your Brightspace Course assignments is the lack of account linking. This article guides you through the process of linking your google account to Brightspace.
General guidance for when videos that are hosted on Kaltura do not play in Brightspace or other platforms.
Information on how to handle a student quiz reset request. Students should contact their faculty member for this process.
An overview of using a "Preview Learner" in a course for design review by faculty.
This article provides any student training resources that are available for students in Brightspace.