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After I installed Respondus Lockdown Browser, my exam will not start up.
How to sync your Brightspace calendar to your Google Calendar
Professors of a Brightspace course may wish to add users to their class without having them appear in Mainestreet. Most users are imported via the Mainestreet classlist, but professors have a limited capacity to add users with email addresses to their course(s) if desired.
Brightspace has a mobile app called "Pulse."   Pulse is a utility app that complements notifications from Brightspace.  It is NOT an app that users use to complete coursework.
WileyPlus (also known as WP) is a third-party textbook hosting site. If the textbook is not appearing as normal or you or a customer are experiencing issues with WileyPlus, read on for more information.
A student calls and wants to know how to have a course removed from their Brightspace account.
How a student can log in to Brightspace.
How to search for a course offering in Brightspace.
Documentation of the current settings for each campus for when courses are made "active" automatically by the Brightspace integration, and on what start date and end dates courses are set to for automatic access.   Local Campuses control these date selections which can be modified by their Brightspace Campus Administrators.
A quick reference for the process of importing your brightspace grades into Mainestreet.
A student is not enrolled in a Brightspace course and needs access.
Kaltura is a video-asset management platform used by the UMS system; it can be used to host video materials, and the My Media tool can be used to organize created content.
An article to collect resources for common issues students confront with the Discussion Board tool in Brightspace.
Respondus Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor are two solutions licensed for use with remote proctoring. This article has detailed information for faculty and students related to their use.
When accessing videos and content in Kaltura,  we may find we need to search for the videos. This walkthrough will cover two scenarios.