Brightspace Grade Import to MaineStreet


INFO: In order to be compatible with MaineStreet your grade book must use a Brightspace "grade scheme" which has symbols (e.g, A,B,etc.) that are formatted to meet Standard Grading Designations.   NOTE: Campuses must "opt-in" to this option for it to be available for Faculty use, if this option is not available to your campus please contact your local administration or registrar to request this option. (Orono, Presque Isle, and Augusta currently allow for grade import.)


As long as you use compatible symbols, you can customize any percentage values to meet your needs by creating your own grade scheme.  If you wish to create a custom grade scheme, you can work with your local Teaching and Learning teams for support on that process.

Two grade schemes have been created in Brightspace for your optional use, the "Letter Grade"  and  "Pass/Fail" schemes.


Applying "Letter Grade" or "Pass/Fail" scheme to your course:

  1. From your course in Brightspace select "Assessments" and then select "grades."

  2. Select "Schemes" from the sub-menu above the grade book.

  3. You will see a list of available schemes. To apply a scheme to your grade book, you must click on the check mark for your desired scheme in the "set as default" column on the far right.  It is a bit confusing, but the checkmark is a button.  Click the "√ " and it will turn bold to indicate it has been applied.

    Note: From the grade book you may select individual columns to apply a grade scheme to (instead of all your grade columns.) For example, you might apply a scheme only to your "Final Calculated Grade" column if you wish to only have the scheme apply to this one column.
  4. You will be prompted to confirm your selection. Select "yes."

  5. Select "enter grades" from the sub-menu and you will then see that the grade scheme has been applied to your course's grades.  Be sure to review the changes. 

  6. Your grades are now ready for import into MaineStreet.

Importing your Brightspace Grades into MaineStreet

  1.  Sign into the MaineStreet portal
  2. After logging in, select the Faculty Center link from the menu.

  3. Access the grade roster

    1. Verify the correct term is selected and change if necessary using the Change Term and/or Institution button

    2. Locate the desired class from the list of classes shown in the My Teaching Schedule list  and select the associated Enter Grades button.

  4. Select "Upload Grades from Brightspace."​​​​​

    1. INFO: *NOTICE: Grade calculations in Brightspace may take up to 24 hours to fully calculate at this time, please ensure all grades are correct in Brightspace and have not been edited in the last 24 hours, prior to submitting here.*
      Location of the upload to brightspace grades link
  5. Successful upload: 

    1. If no grading errors were detected during the upload, a message box displays providing information on how to complete the process

    2. Select the OK button to continue

  6. Errors during upload: 

    1. If errors are detected, a message box displays providing instructions to use the View Error Report link to review and correct the errors

    2. Select OK to continue

    3. Select the View Error Report link 
      Mainestreet: Grades Roster Options

    4. Review the Error Handling Instructions for guidance on resolving issues 
      Mainestreet: Grades Upload: Error Handling

    5. To view the data used for the upload, select the Data from Source File tab

    6. If necessary, make changes to the brightspace schemes and upload again. 

    7. If assistance is required during this process, contact your local Office of Student Records

      1.  NOTE: Student Records can only assist with import issues that pertain to MaineStreet, issues regarding the Brightspace side are supported by your local Teaching & Learning Team or you can put a ticket into for Information Technologies (IT) assistance.





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