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A student calls and wants to know how to have a course removed from their Brightspace account.
A quick reference for the process of importing your brightspace grades into Mainestreet.
How to resolve an "Authorization Error -- Contact your Security Administrator" or "Invalid Username and Password" in MaineStreet.
How to view your application status.
Are you or a customer receiving a "Bad Message 431" when trying to access MyCampus or another website? This is often an easy fix, requiring a reload or clearing cache and cookies.
Can Faculty/Staff approve a student's Shopping Cart/Wish List in the Student Center?
What are the frequent advisor functions that will remain in Classic Mainestreet instead of the New Mainestreet Experience
The left-hand navigation is missing in the Student Center. How do I get it back?
How to find your advisor in the new and old Student Centers.
Are there tasks and activities that students still need to complete in Classic MaineStreet?
Information details on New MaineStreet real-time data reflection
How can I see which classes are being offered in the Student Center?