Brightspace is the learning management system for the University of Maine System, used to facilitate and augment teaching and learning needs throughout the system. Brightspace can be used to deliver content for online-only courses or to augment and supplement instruction in face-to-face or hybrid instruction models.

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Pinned Article Brightspace Name Changes

Changing a User's Name in Brightspace

About the "Pulse" Mobile App for Brightspace

Brightspace has a mobile app called "Pulse."   Pulse is a utility app that complements notifications from Brightspace.  It is NOT an app that users use to complete coursework.

Academic Video Online Brightspace Integration

Quick faculty user guide for using the Academic Video Online database integration to search and embed videos or links to videos from this library database into Brightspace courses.

Access to Course/Enroll in class (faculty)

An instructor does not see their course available to them in brightspace.

Access to Course/Enroll in class (student)

A student is not enrolled in a Brightspace course and needs access.

Accessing content in a course

How students can find the content for their course.

Accessing the Climate Change Consortium Community

Directions on how to locate and access the Climate Change Consortium's organization in Brightspace.

Adding announcements (faculty)

Information on how to add announcements to a course

Brightspace - Adding Users to Course (faculty)

Professors of a Brightspace course may wish to add users to their class without having them appear in Mainestreet. Most users are imported via the Mainestreet classlist, but professors have a limited capacity to add users with email addresses to their course(s) if desired.

Brightspace - Entering Student Preview Mode (faculty)

An overview of using a "Preview Learner" in a course for design review by faculty.

Brightspace Browser Support - pop-up messages for browser upgrade

Brightspace will prompt a user to upgrade their browser if it is retro/legacy or unsupported.

Brightspace Grade Import to MaineStreet

A quick reference for the process of importing your brightspace grades into Mainestreet.

Brightspace Message: "File May Contain Geolocation Details"

When a student or faculty uploads a JPEG file anywhere on the Brightspace website, they may receive a message that says "File May Contain Geolocation Details." That message might make a user worry for their security or safety.

Brightspace Training Resources for Students

This article provides any student training resources that are available for students in Brightspace.

Brightspace Zoom Navbar Link - Error 500

If the Zoom navbar link in Brightspace generates and error 500 message please follow these steps to resolve it.

Brightspace: Adding Due Dates to Content

Faculty members may wonder how to add or edit availability and due dates for Brightspace Content. Wonder no more!

Brightspace: Automating Enrollment Alerts with Intelligent Agents

This article provides a graphical walk-through for Faculty and Instructional Design Staff for creating Brightspace Intelligent Agents, to monitor new course enrollments.

Brightspace: Updating Personal Pronouns

Instructions for updating personal pronouns in Brightspace LMS.

Campus Brightspace Admin Term Setttings for Active/Start/End Dates

Documentation of the current settings for each campus for when courses are made "active" automatically by the Brightspace integration, and on what start date and end dates courses are set to for automatic access.   Local Campuses control these date selections which can be modified by their Brightspace Campus Administrators.

Cannot find math placement test (USM)

Math Placement Exams are hosted in Brightspace by the USM Campus, this article provides some details.

Cannot Login to Brightspace

How a student can log in to Brightspace.

Cannot see an assignment (student)

Info to assist when a student may have an issue locating an assignment.

Copying Courses

A brief guide to the basic process for copying a course in Brightspace to another course.

Discussion Board problems/questions (student)

An article to collect resources for common issues students confront with the Discussion Board tool in Brightspace.

Discussion Boards - Post before you can view threads

Overview of the discussion board feature of "post before you can view threads" for faculty.

Finding your courses in Brightspace

How to search for a course offering in Brightspace.

Google Apps sync in Brightspace for upload and attaching google files

The most common reason for not being able to attach google docs or items from google drive to your Brightspace Course assignments is the lack of account linking. This article guides you through the process of linking your google account to Brightspace.

Grade Center questions/how to find grades

Details of how to locate grades in Brightspace.

How new learners are enrolled into a course

Information for Faculty on adding new learners to the class.

How to make Brightspace course active/ inactive (faculty)

Instructions for faculty on how to make a Brightspace course active or inactive.

How to turn off Notifications in BrightSpace.

How to turn off Notifications in BrightSpace.

Missing course in Brightspace

Information for missing courses in Brightspace.

Removal of courses for Students

A student calls and wants to know how to have a course removed from their Brightspace account.

Resetting Quiz / Test Attempts for Students

Information on how to handle a student quiz reset request. Students should contact their faculty member for this process.

Sync Brightspace calendar to Google Calendar

How to sync your Brightspace calendar to your Google Calendar

Using Kaltura Capture for Brightspace and personal recordings

Kaltura Capture - Using Kaltura Capture for Brightspace and personal recordings. How to download and access Kaltura. Instructions and walk through for how to record and upload your Kaltura recordings. Detailed step by step instructions and documentations.

Using Turnitin Draft Coach with Google Docs

Turnitin Draft Coach guides students from the first to the final draft of their assignment using our similarity, citation, and grammar-checking tools. This document provides instructions for users to configure Turnitin Draft Coach with Google Docs.

Video will not play

General guidance for when videos that are hosted on Kaltura do not play in Brightspace or other platforms.