How to make Brightspace course active/ inactive (faculty)

Directions for faculty on how to make a Brightspace course active or inactive.


  1. From their course navbar select "course admin".
  2. Under the "Site Setup" page header choose "Course Offering Information".
  3. From the Course Offering Information Page, toggle the check box beside the "Course is Active" (checked is active; unchecked is inactive)

⚠️ Important Tips: If you set a Start Date for your course that is later than the day you activate your course, the course appears in the UMS My Courses homepage widget but is not available to learners until the date specified.

If you set an End Date for your course and do not deactivate your course, after that specified date passes, the course remains visible in the UMS My Courses widget but is not available to learners.


  • Web Browser, Brightspace



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