About the "Pulse" Mobile App for Brightspace

Brightspace has a mobile app called "Pulse."   Pulse is a utility app that complements notifications from Brightspace.  It is NOT an app that users use to complete coursework.  

More Information

Brightspace Pulse is available for download from any global Google Play™ store or Apple App Store®. The app is generally released at the beginning of the month, and then sometimes mid-month if issues are found. Depending on how your device is configured, the app may update automatically or you may have to manually check for new versions.

Beginning February 10th, 2023

  • Web content in Pulse will now launch using your default browser app instead of the Pulse-embedded web browser. Launching web content using a default browser, such as Chrome, will improve the handling of LTI integrations and allow you to leverage default browser capabilities such as saving passwords or opening links to other applications. You may be required to update your Pulse App in order to make use of this new feature.


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