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Information to consider before upgrading to macOS Sonoma and general guidance about upgrading to Sonoma.
Instructions on how to access the Application Catalog/Software Center for UMS-owned and -managed Mac computers and laptops.
Screen sharing, a popular Zoom function, can have some issues with permissions on Mac machines, especially Macs managed by the University. This article covers specifically the issue of not being able to screen-share because an exclamation mark pops up in the window where a user should be able to select a web browser tag to share.
This article describes how to clear cache / cookies in multiple different browsers for both PC & Mac. Doing this can resolve browser issues such as being unable to login to the portal or other website. This can also help for non-UMS websites.
How to print and what to expect on macOS with managed print services.
A tutorial on how users can access macOS computers with JAMF Connect.
If you are experiencing the following "Run-time error '53': File not found" error while using the Microsoft Word program on a Macintosh computer, this article is for you.
For Macs experiencing issues while using Kaltura Capture, including freezing, error messages, or being unable to stop a recording, sometimes altering the system settings is all that's needed.
How to fix a paused print job to a Xerox printer
You may have noticed very slow speeds while using macOS.
Slow and hanging macs are getting a new version of the mac antivirus pushed out.
Fixing the alert "this version of macOS is restricted by USIT".
How to connect to the eduroam wireless network from a Mac.