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A brief overview of account creation and logging into Zoom using SSO in the Windows or Mac desktop client for UMS Student, Staff, and Faculty.
OneDrive for MacOS. You can view and update documents saved in the cloud using Microsoft OneDrive for work or school from just about anywhere. Follow the instructions to sync your MacOS device(s).
How to Locate a MAC Address in Mac OS X and OS 11 (Big Sur)
macOS 11 Big Sur
How to connect to the eduroam wireless network from a Mac.
Fixing the alert "this version of macOS is restricted by USIT".
How to find your Computer's Hostname Windows or MacOS.
Instructions on how to access the Application Catalog/Software Center for UMS-owned and -managed Mac computers and laptops.
Screen sharing, a popular Zoom function, can have some issues with permissions on Mac machines, especially Macs managed by the University. This article covers specifically the issue of not being able to screen-share because an exclamation mark pops up in the window where a user should be able to select a web browser tag to share.
How to install a University Canon printer that requires an account code on a University managed macOS device.
These instructions are for users who need to access a Windows computer that is on campus from a macOS computer that is off campus. Instructions provided for UMS owned and personal owned computers.
Please note that Microsoft Remote Desktop is never pre-installed on a Macintosh by Apple. It must be manually installed by the user. Failing to install Microsoft Remote Desktop manually is the most common reason a Macintosh user contacts the Help Desk for assistance in trying to access a campus window
UMS macOS Antivirus Product and how it is installed to JAMF managed end-user devices
Remote Desktop provides faculty and staff with the ability to establish a secure connection to their UMS network-connected Windows PC desktop workstation from off-campus (Windows or Mac PCs).  This service allows users to work directly on their workstation as if they were in-office with access to all software, files and data they are accustomed to.  Currently there is no similar service for Mac office computers.
Links to detailed installation instructions included in this article.
This article describes how to clear cache / cookies in multiple different browsers for both PC & Mac. Doing this can resolve browser issues such as being unable to login to the portal or other website. This can also help for non-UMS websites.