Accessing the Application Catalog for Employee/Staff (Mac)

Applications are available through the UMS Application Catalog Application to Macs enrolled in JAMF Casper domain. UMS Application Catalog is a custom App Store for the University.

Note: If prior authorization or purchase of software needed has not been completed you will need to request authorization for the software/program in question. In your request ensure to add Campus and Department Codes.


To locate the UMS Application Catalog:

  1. Go to Applications or the Launchpad.
  2. Click the proper icon to open UMS Application Catalog.

How do I install applications?

The UMS Application Catalog has a listing of applications available for installation. You can search the list by category. You can also search by typing in what you want in the search box.

What can I install?

  • Applications that are available for installation on University-owned computers are available through the UMS Application Catalog.
  • You can request a new application in the Software Center by sending an email to, which will generate a service request ticket.
  • Applications installed from sources other than the Application Catalog are not supported by Campus Services or End User Technology, unless they were approved and purchased through the University.


  • University-owned and -managed Macintosh desktop and laptop machines


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