Accessing the Application Catalog for Employee/Staff (Mac)

Applications are available through the UMS Application Catalog Application to Macs enrolled in JAMF Casper domain. UMS Application Catalog is a custom App Store for the University.

Note: If prior authorization or purchase of software needed has not been completed you will need to request authorization for the software/program in question. In your request ensure to add Campus and Department Codes.


To locate the UMS Application Catalog:

  1. Go to Applications 
  2. Click the proper icon to open UMS Application Catalog.
    1. You may also need to use Spotlight Search by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the upper right.
WARNING: If UMS Application Catalog is not under /Applications, then check that the macOS computer is properly enrolled in JAMF.

How do I install applications?

The UMS Application Catalog has a listing of applications available for installation. You can search the list by category. You can also search by typing in what you want in the search box.

  • If you do not see an application you believe you should, create a ticket with the Help Desk and be sure to include:
    • Application name and version
    • hostname of your computer you want to install it on
    • username of the user on the computer you want it installed on

What can I install?

  • Applications that are available for installation on University-owned computers are available through the UMS Application Catalog.
  • You can request a new application in the Software Center by sending an email to, which will generate a service request ticket.
  • Applications installed from sources other than the Application Catalog are not supported by Campus Services or End User Technology, unless they were approved and purchased through the University.


  • University-owned and -managed Macintosh desktop and laptop machines



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