Services that support access and use of community members’ devices and related peripherals. Includes desktop and mobile device support, printing and related services, and software and applications distribution.

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Computer Lab

Classrooms. labs and workspaces with computers for course and informal use. Computer classrooms are typically scheduled for an entire semester while clusters are for drop-in use. Additional requirements such as course-specific software or hardware, require prior request and sufficient lead-time to install. Click the more information link below for details about specific faciltiies and operating hours.

Managed Print Services

Allows users to create hard-copy paper versions of electronic documents. Printers are located in public computing clusters, office service areas, etc. and are reached thru a device's network connection. Printing may incur a charge, depending on location and type and/or quantity of output, such as color vs black/white.

Software and Applications Distribution

IT provides access to many university-system-wide, and individually licensed, software applications.

Articles (52)

Accessing the Application Catalog for Employee/Staff (Mac)

Instructions on how to access the Application Catalog/Software Center for UMS-owned and -managed Mac computers and laptops.

After installation of Chrome Browser v100, still launches old version of Chrome browser

How to correct issue with Desktop or Task bar Short-cut launching the older version of Chrome after installation of Chrome v100 upgrade.

Apple Silicon M1 Macs Compatibility

Most new Macs are coming with the new Apple Silicon M1 chips.

ArcGIS Single Sign On

An overview of the new UMS systemwide ArcGIS SSO Online portal

Bad Message 431 on MyCampus or Other Sites

Are you or a customer receiving a "Bad Message 431" when trying to access MyCampus or another website? This is often an easy fix, requiring a reload or clearing cache and cookies.

Clearing Cookies and Temp Files

This article describes how to clear cache / cookies in multiple different browsers for both PC & Mac. Doing this can resolve browser issues such as being unable to login to the portal or other website. This can also help for non-UMS websites.

Configure Firefox to open popups as new tabs

Configure Firefox to open TDX popups in tabs instead.

Convert HEIC to JPEG/JPG format

How to convert HEIC images to JPG/JPEG so they can be viewed on Windows or older macOS computer

Electronically Signing forms (PDF/Word)

Methods for Electronically Signing PDF/Word Documents

Firefox 96 Cookie Issues

An update to Firefox has caused 3rd party cookies to be blocked. This is how to change the setting to re-enable them.

Free Lab Software for Students

How students can get or access specialized software other than physically going to a computer lab

Google Chrome error: side-by-side configuration is incorrect

Remedy for fixing Windows profile error caused by broken/corrupt Google Chrome application.

How can I change the display language in Microsoft Office Online?

The display language of Microsoft Office Online can be changed by changing the language settings in the Edge browser.

How departments or users can purchase Adobe CC products. (UMF)

Instructions for UMF Staff and Faculty for the purchase of Adobe Creative Cloud Products.

How do you shutdown a frozen MacBook Pro?

How to shutdown a frozen MacBook Pro without the power button.

How to Change Your Mac Login Password macOS Ventura

This is a short how-to guide on changing your local password in macOS Ventura. This guide assumes you know your current password and you are logged into the computer.

How to find serial number for a computer?

Instructions on how to find the serial number for various computer models.

How to find your Computer's hostname on Windows or MacOS

How to find your Computer's Hostname Windows or MacOS.

How to Install Solidworks Student Edition (UM)

Instructions on installing Solidworks and solutions to common problems launching or install.

How to reset the SMC of your Mac with an Intel processor.

Reset SMC on Mac computers with Intel processor for issue with power, battery, fans and other features.

How to shut down an unresponsive computer

How to force close apps or force shut down the computer if the computer is frozen or unresponsive.

How to Switch out of "S" mode in Windows 10 & 11

How to Switch out of "S" mode in Windows 10 & 11

How to take a screenshot

How to capture the contents of your screen.


The new cloud based iClicker for UMaine faculty and students information and links to iClicker support.

Installing your TransAct System Enterprise software client

This article overviews the installation and troubleshooting steps for the Transact system enterprise client

Laptop Webcam Displays a Blank/Black Image

Your built-in laptop webcam displays a blank or black image.

macOS 11 Big Sur

macOS 11 Big Sur

macOS 14 Sonoma

Information to consider before upgrading to macOS Sonoma and general guidance about upgrading to Sonoma.

macOS Hanging or Freezing

Slow and hanging macs are getting a new version of the mac antivirus pushed out.

macOS Upgrades Blocked By IT

Fixing the alert "this version of macOS is restricted by USIT".

Reissuing New FileVault Recovery Key (via Terminal)

Instructions for a user to regenerate a new FileVault key and escrow it in jamf.

Remote Access to Network File Shares

How to connect to Remote Fileshares when off-campus

Remote Access to Network File Shares (macOS)

How to connect to Network Fileshares remotely on macOS

Removing NoMAD Authentication Manager from macOS

How to remove nomad on devices and install JAMF Connect if necessary.

Slow computer speeds with macOS

You may have noticed very slow speeds while using macOS.

UMS Application Catalog for Employee/Staff (PC)

How to find the Application Catalog on a university owned and managed Windows PC or or laptop.

UMS Application Catalog for Employee/Staff (PC) - Software fails to install

How to resolve common causes of software installation failures when installing through Software Center.

UMS Supplied AntiVirus for macOS

UMS macOS Antivirus Product and how it is installed to JAMF managed end-user devices

University of Maine System Computer Standards

UMS Standard Desktop, Workstation, Mobile and Mobile Workstation computer offerings for institutional purchases (not personal purchases).

Warning to check for updates on your computer

How to respond to the warning Check for updates on your computer

Why am I locked out of my computer?

Why am I locked out of my computer?

Why does my computer force me to reboot during the day?

How to configure updates to reduce the need to restart during the day for updates

Windows Update - Windows could not search for new updates

What to in response to error Windows could not search for new updates.

Windows Updates Rebooting at Inconvenient Time Even Though Business Hours Have Been Set

How to prevent Windows Update from rebooting your computer at inconvenient times.