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Desktop Remote-Access to a Windows PC or Mac (RDP) : Getting ready for Remote Desktop access

Remote Desktop provides faculty and staff with the ability to establish a secure connection to their UMS network-connected Windows PC desktop workstation from off-campus (Windows or Mac PCs).  This service allows users to work directly on their workstation as if they were in-office with access to all software, files and data they are accustomed to.  Currently there is no similar service for Mac office computers.
Links to detailed installation instructions included in this article.

How to Connect to UMS Remote Labs

Instructions and links for connecting to UMS Remote Labs

How to Install Microsoft Remote Desktop Client on MacOS (Faculty/Staff) to Access a Campus Windows Computer. UMS and personal owned computers

These instructions are for users who need to access a Windows computer that is on campus from a macOS computer that is off campus. Instructions provided for UMS owned and personal owned computers.
Please note that Microsoft Remote Desktop is never pre-installed on a Macintosh by Apple. It must be manually installed by the user. Failing to install Microsoft Remote Desktop manually is the most common reason a Macintosh user contacts the Help Desk for assistance in trying to access a campus window

How to Install Microsoft Remote Desktop Client on Windows (Faculty/Staff) to Access a Campus Windows Computer

These instructions are for users who need to access their Windows computer that is on campus from a Windows computer that is off campus. It assumes they are already connected to the Remote Access VPN.  (See How to Connect Remotely using the Remote Access VPN (Staff/Faculty)) It also assumes Remote Desktop has been enabled on the computer the user will connect to remotely, which can be done by going to Software Center and installing "UMS Enable Remote Desktop".

Remote Computer Labs at UM

Links and brief descriptions of UM's remote computer labs.

Remote Computer Labs at UMF

Links and instructions for connecting to UMA's remote computer labs.

Remote Labs Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

Answers to frequently asked questions about UMS Remote Labs