Remote Labs Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

UMS offers remote access to computers in several of its on-campus computer labs. 


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How do I access UMS Remote lab computers?


Which Software is available in each lab?

UMS Remote Access machines have the same software load as the computer labs they are from.

While Microsoft Office is available on the RemoteLab machines for integration with other applications, we recommend installing the application on your own computer or through Office Online at

What if the software I need is not available in Remote Labs?

  • Open up Software Catalog (or UMS App Catalog if on macOS) and search to see if it is available for self-install on the remotely accessed lab computer
  • To check if it is available to install on your personal computer or if the vendor has offered free cloud access, see Free Lab Software for Students. Enter a ticket with the Help Desk and ask them to tag the ticket with RemoteLabSoftwareRequests



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