How to Connect to UMS Remote Labs

UMS Remote Labs provides students remote access to academic software that has traditionally been installed in Computer Labs.  These instructions are for students who need to remotely access lab machines, generally for specialized/licensed software that they would have previously accessed in a University computer lab.


  1. Connect to the UMS VPN

  2. In a web browser, navigate to the appropriate LabStat Remote Access Dashboard for your campus.  Computer labs that are available will be grouped and listed by room and/or lab name. 

  3. Install Microsoft Remote Desktop, if you do not already have it installed

    • You can check by searching for it in the Windows Search bar

  4. Back in your web browser, click the Connect button for an available machine in the desired lab

  5. Save the downloaded file to your Download folder

    • A Remote Desktop Profile downloads to your default download location and may automatically open

  6. Right-click on the .rdp file and open with Microsoft Remote Desktop

    • If you receive an Unable to connect error, check that you are connected to the Remote Access VPN

  7.  If you receive a warning below, click Continue

    • You are connecting to the RDP host "<hostname>". The certificate couldn't be verified back to a root certificate. Your connection may not be secure. Do you want to continue?

  8. At the authentication prompt, enter your University account and password

    • By default, it opens in Full-Screen Mode, which may require you to scroll up and down or left and right to see different parts of the remote computer's desktop. To configure the remote computer's Desktop to better fit your screen, under Microsoft Remote Desktop's Window menu, select Fit to Window

  9. When you are finished using the remote lab machine, please make sure to sign out of the remote lab computer. Then you can close Microsoft Remote Desktop

If you have difficulty connecting to Remote Labs, you can open a ticket with the Help Desk for assistance.


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