Desktop Remote-Access to a Windows PC or Mac (RDP) : Getting ready for Remote Desktop access

Remote Desktop provides faculty and staff with the ability to establish a secure connection to their UMS network-connected Windows PC desktop workstation from off-campus (Windows or Mac PCs).  This service allows users to work directly on their workstation as if they were in-office with access to all software, files and data they are accustomed to.  Currently there is no similar service for Mac office computers.
Links to detailed installation instructions included in this article.


Getting Ready for Remote Desktop Access

  1. Most university-owned faculty and staff Windows PCs that have been joined to the UMS Active Directory (UAD) have recently been configured to support Remote Desktop (firewall and power-settings updated). 
  2. Your account will need permission to log into the computer with RDP.  If you are unsure if that has been granted please contact the IT Support Center or send email to:
  3. Do not turn your computer off when you leave the office.
  4. Signup for our Remote Access VPN (Virtual Private Networking) at which is needed for you to reach your office computer from off-campus.  
    • Instructions for setting up VPN on your remote computer can be found here.
    • Instructions on How to connect via VPN found here.
  5. Determine the "ip address" of your office computer. 
    1. FROM YOUR OFFICE COMPUTER, visit and type "what is my ip address" in the search box.
      • Write down the IP address as displayed and take it with you.
      • If you are not at your computer, or the above step does not work, contact the IT Support Center 1-800-696-4357 or send email to:
    2. If your university-owned office Windows PC is not in the UMS Active Directory (UAD), contact the IT Support Center or send email to:


Web accessible MAC or PC computer, or an iOS or Android device.
Using Remote Access

Windows computer install: Detailed Instructions - How to Install Microsoft Remote Desktop Client on Windows

Mac (macOS) install: Detailed Instructions - How to Install Microsoft Remote Desktop on macOS

Remote Desktop Client App Links

Client for Windows 10

Client for Mac OsX

Client for iOS

Client for Android


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