Should I upgrade my Mac OS when Prompted?

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You may receive a notice on your Mac inviting you to upgrade your Operating System version.  Upgrading to a new Mac Operating System version may cause conflicts with university uses and applications. Check the details below before upgrading your Mac OS.

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macOS Monterey

End-User Technology is pleased to announce macOS Monterey (12.x) is available for users to upgrade.  This upgrade is optional and is available through the standard Software Updates provided by Apple. macOS Monterey is generally available and recommended for all UMS-owned macs.  

End-User Technology has tested and verified macOS Monterey with our current standard software.  Applications such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Viscosity vpn, Canon print drivers, and other utilities have been updated, however some non-standard applications may still require a vendor update.  Be sure to check the applications you typically use daily and always make a backup before upgrading. 

macOS Ventura

Apple has announced that macOS 13 (Ventura) will be released on October 24th, 2022.  Some of the new features include a completely new System Preferences, an enhanced hand off, and ability to share entire Safari tab groups with other users. A new app has joined the mix called stage manager, that will handle application focus. As End-User technology tests and updates their software, we encourage users to be patient and watch their email for an announcement that macOS 13 has been made available for compatible computers.

If you are developing tools or course work that requires upgrading before it has been made generally available, please submit a ticket with IT and we can work with you on an exemption.

Known Issues

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