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UMS provides Microsoft Defender for Mac (MDAV) software for UMS JAMF managed macOS devices. For more information on MDAV, see Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Mac.




  • Microsoft Defender will be automatically installed and licensed for all JAMF managed macOS computers
    • Unmanaged and personally-owned macOS devices will not receive MDAV through this process
  • End User Technoloy (EUT) will deploy a provisioning profile and a configuration profile prior to installation
    • The configuration profile will authorize all system extensions and suppress the prompt for allowing the network proxy
  • The installation will be silent, but in the event the user is prompted with a window to allow the proxy service, you must allow it for the antivirus to work
  • Users can self-install via the UMS Application Catalog or let it install automatically when the deadline arrives

UMS Application Catalog showing Microsoft Defender for Mac after searching for "defe".

  • Once installed an icon will appear in the menu bar

MDAV icon in top right of Desktop with exclamation mark prior to updating AV definitions

  • After a minute or two, the application will check in with Microsoft and update definitions

MDAV icon in upper left of Desktop with check on it to indicate it has updated AV definitions

If a user wants to manually run updates or a scan, it can be done via the application.


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