Allows users to create hard-copy paper versions of electronic documents. Printers are located in public computing clusters, office service areas, etc. and are reached thru a device's network connection. Printing may incur a charge, depending on location and type and/or quantity of output, such as color vs black/white.

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Departmental Printing & Copying

Printing and copying services for UMS Employees.

2023 Managed Print Services Implementation

UMS is implementing a new Managed Print Service with Xerox as our partner. New devices will begin to be installed in early 2023. More information is found below.

Pay-For-Print with Xerox Devices

Pay-for-Print services for students, employees, and guests.

Articles (18)

How can I see what I have printed?

How to view and report in recent print jobs using Managed Print Services (Xerox Devices)

How to restart a Xerox device

A common troubleshooting step includes restarting the device. If asked to restart your device, please use these steps.

Insufficient Funds error when printing to Xerox

How to troubleshoot insufficient fund errors in PaperCut

Print jobs are defaulting to A4 or A3 paper size

How to correct an incorrect default paper size issue

Request a Department Card to be used for Non-UMS entities to copy or print

Departmental print and copy card used to allow non UMS entities to charge printing or copying costs to a department account.

Request a refund for failed print job sent to a Xerox printer

How to request a refund for a failed print job that was sent to a Xerox printer

Request a Xerox copier move, add, or remove

How to request for a Xerox Copier to be moved, Added, or Removed

Specialty Printing Inquiries (USM)

Students inquiring about specialty printing, i.e. 3D, Large format, and/or Poster printing.

Timing of Managed Print (Xerox) charges

Timing of Charges for Managed Print Services

UMS-BYOD-FindMe queue does not show in Printers and Scanners on Windows computer after installation of BYOD Printing

How to fix the known issue of UMS-BYOD-FindMe queue disappearing after computer restart

Uninstall Print Deploy Client

How to uninstall the PaperCut Print Deploy Client

Uninstall the PaperCut Client

How to uninstall the PaperCut client