UMS-BYOD-FindMe queue does not show in Printers and Scanners on Windows computer after installation of BYOD Printing

After a Windows Update or computer restart the UMS-BYOD-FindMe queue is no longer available to select to print to and does not show in the list in Printers & Scanners. The UMS-BYOD-FindMe queue may not show after initial installation either.

Detailed Information 

There appears to be an issue with Windows that occurs if the computer hostname is greater than 15 characters, the Print Spooler service frequently fails to load the dll used to create the port, inetpp.dll, on a system restart. We were able to see in System that the Windows operating system is truncating the computer hostname after 15 characters.

Reference: 3rd section from the bottom of PaperCut Mobility Print Troubleshooting


Quick, temporary fix

  1. Search for Services in the Windows Search bar
  2. Open Services
  3. Right-click on Print Spooler service and select restart
  4. Install BYOD Print again by going to

This will work until the next time the computer restarts. After the next restart, the fix would need to be performed again.

Permanent fix

WARNING:  If you have software that may be registered to the hostname of the computer it is installed on, you may want to stick with the temporary fix above. 
  1. Rename the computer so that its hostname is 15 characters or less
    1. Open File Explorer
    2. Right-click on This PC and select Properties
    3. Click the Rename button
    4. Type in a new name that is less than or equal to 15 characters (Record your old name in case you should want to change back due to any unexpected issue)
    5. Restart the computer
  2. Reinstall the UMS-BYOD-FindMe queue
    1. Go to, click Install BYOD again, and follow the install wizard


  • Windows 11
  • PaperCut Mobility Print
  • Managed Print Services 


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