Request a refund for failed print job sent to a Xerox printer

Sometimes a user deserves a refund for a print job sent to a Xerox printer, such as the job never printed due to an error or with the printer driver. A user can self-request a refund. 


WARNING: Before requesting a refund for a job that did not print, please verify the printer has paper. If a job is sent to a printer that is out of paper, the job gets charged, because once paper is added, the job does print.
  1. In a web browser, go to
  2. Click on Recent Print Jobs in the left navigation pane
  3. Locate the job you want refunded and click the request refund link to the right of it
    1. If the job is older than 2 weeks, you should click on the 'Filter On' button and then 'Clear' to see all your jobs.
  4. Click the radial for Full or Partial refund, fill in the amount field and then explain the reason you believe you should be refunded (i.e. job didn't print, one page needed reprinted due to paper jam, etc)
    • include the Help Desk ticket number if one was generated as part of troubleshooting.
  5. Click Send

Refund requests will be reviewed regularlyIf you printed using a Department Shared Account, the funds will get refunded to the Shared Account. If you printed using personal funds, after you receive notice of a refund, those funds will be refunded to your Card account.

WARNING: Refunds were on hold for a while as we worked through some issues, but are being processed again as of February 2024.


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