How can I see what I have printed?

With Managed Print Services, any user can view or export a list of all print jobs that they have sent.


  1. Navigate to
  2. Login using your username and password
  3. On the left navigation menu, select "Recent Print Jobs"
  4. A list of your Recent Print jobs will be displayed. 
    • This list will include:
      • Date
      • Printer or print queue that the job was sent to
      • Number of pages
      • Cost of the job
      • Document Name
      • Attributes of the job
      • Status of the job (whether it successfully printed)
  5. Use the Filter options narrow your search if desired
    • Papercut recent jobs filter options that include dates, server, printer, account type, document name and other options.
  6. Use the icons below the list to export the information to PDF, HTML or a CSV file.
    • Export/Print option icons showing PDF, HTML, and CSV
    • The CSV export includes additional information about each print job


  • Managed Print Services (Xerox)


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