Uninstall the PaperCut Client

There may be cases in which the PaperCut Client needs to be uninstalled (i.e. troubleshooting, campus is switching to PaperCut Print Deploy Client, student no longer needs to print to PaperCut Client queues); below are instructions on how to do so.



  1. Right-click on the PaperCut Client icon in the upper right of the Desktop, then click Exit.
  2. Go to /Applications in a Finder window.
  3. Drag PCClient.app to the Trash can.
  4. Authenticate when prompted.
INFO: If your PaperCut Client is installed in UMS Application folder, then it is best to use the UMS Application Catalog or Software Center to uninstall or reinstall.


Windows 10

  1. Right-click on the PaperCut Client icon in the lower right of the Desktop (aka system tray), then click Exit.
  2. Go to Add/Remove Programs (You can search for it in the Windows Search box)
  3. Select the PaperCut MF Client, then click  Uninstall.
  4. Click Uninstall again.
  5. Click Yes when asked "Do you want to allow this app ... to make changes to your device?"
  6. Click Yes when prompted "Are you sure you want to completely remove PaperCut MF Client and all of its components?".
  7. Click OK when uninstall finishes.


  • macOS, Win 10


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