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There are a number of commonly asked questions regarding Managed Print Services. Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that have been collected and answered. For more information on Xerox implementation, visit this webpage: Managed Print Services (Xerox) Implementation FAQ's.

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I forgot my card

  1. You can use your account or your papercut assigned pin to log into any Xerox device.   Instructions for getting your pin to log in with are in the article Authenticating/Logging in to a Xerox printer when Transact is offline

Which university cost centers can I charge to?

  1. All University employees will only have the cost centers from which the salary distributions come from available to use to charge printing and copy costs to.  See Departmental printing costs
  2. If the employee is associated with the wrong account, you will need to contact your supervisor, HR Partner, or fiscal team to initiate salary-level chartfield changes.

How can I review what I have printed?

  1. While on a university network, or using the VPN, log into  with your UMS credentials
  2. Click on the Recent Print Jobs on the left side of your dashboard
  3. Check recent charges under Transaction History on the left side of your dashboard
  4. Check jobs that are held waiting release under Jobs Pending Release
    • WARNING: Remember, submitted jobs will be deleted if not released within 36 hours and you will be notified by E-mail.

For more detail, see How can I see what I have printed?

Should I use the UMS-FindMe queue or an optional Direct Print queue?

Jobs sent to the UMS-FindMe queue can be printed off on any working device with a somewhat limited set of options.  Jobs sent to a Direct Print queue can only be printed on that specific unit, but you will have access to all the special features that specific device has available. The UMS-FindMe queue is installed automatically by the Print Deploy client. In order to install an optional Direct Print queue, see How to install an optional direct print queue to a Xerox printer on a University-managed device.

What do I do if I deleted the UMS-FindME queue?

  1. Right-click on the Print Deploy client and click Refresh., it will generally reinstall itself when the Print Deploy client checks in.

How can I see which Shared Accounts I have access to for printing?

See How to see which Shared Accounts you have access to charge to for printing

If the employee is associated with the wrong account, you will need to contact your supervisor, HR Partner, or fiscal team to initiate salary-level chartfield changes. IT can not make changes for you.

What determines which shared accounts I have access to?

All Employees (Work study students are employees)  will have access to the PaperCut Shared Accounts associated with the cost center they are paid out of, and only those accounts..  The integration does NOT include all accounts you may have access to manage within MaineStreet and IT is not able to add those for them.

Can I choose to release a print job at a specific UMS copier without being physically present at the copier?

No. Users may submit the job and will have 36 hours to release it at a UMS copier before it is purged. An email notification will be sent when the print job is purged from the print queue. 

Why is my Shared Account grayed out?

Chart fields that are not active may be disabled and unselectable for printing or copying.  This is typically due to no longer being a valid Shared Account for charges. 

Can users print from USB?

No. USB printing is not enabled on the Xerox Multifunction Printers (MFPs).

Does any of the waste from printer consumables get recycled?

Yes, many of them can be recycled through the Xerox World Green Alliance Eco Boxes program

How can I review monthly charges?

Each campus CBO office can request monthly copies of all charges related to their campus be emailed to a central address for sharing with individual departments on their campus.  Check with your CBO to determine how you can get a copy. 


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