Printing to Xerox on University-managed macOS, pauses in queue and does not print

Users have reported that when they send a job to a Xerox university-managed macOS, the job pauses in the queue, the user does not get prompted for credentials and the job never prints or even make it to PaperCut. This commonly occurs after a user has changed their UMS password and have the old password cached.

paused UMS_FindMe queue on macOS Monterey


  1. Click the resume icon (looks like an arrow going round in a circle) to the right of the print job in the printer queue.
  2. Authenticate with your UMS username (NOT email) (You need to prefix it with "UAD\" ) (example: UAD\your.username)
  3. If the user recently changed their password, update the password in KeyChain Access
    1. Open KeyChain Access and authenticate with the user's macOS credentials when prompted
    2. Search for UMS-FindMe
    3. right-click on UMS-FindMe entry in Keychain Access and select Get Info
    4. In the window that appears, check the box to Show password. Authenticate with your macOS password when prompted
    5. Click in the Show password field to edit and replace the password with the new password and click the Save Changes button
  4. if prompted, select Shared Account 
  5. Click Print.  You will receive notice that your job is being held for release.
  6. Release at the printer


  • Managed Print Services (enterprise)
  • Xerox
  • PaperCut MF
  • University-managed computer
  • macOS


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