Printing and copying services for UMS Employees.

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Pinned Article Department Printing and Copying Costs

UMS Employee printing and copying charges will be debited from the same department(s) account as the employee's payroll record.

Pinned Article Printing to a Xerox printer using a University-managed Windows device

How to print from a University managed computer to a Xerox printer

Changed job to grayscale or duplex settings at the printer, but still printed with old settings

How to resolve issue with job changes at the printer not working by disabling Advanced Printing Features

Department Shared Account user receives an "insufficient funds" error when trying to release a job at a printer

How to select Shared Account for a department when releasing at a Xerox device

How to Print or Copy using a Department Copy Card (Xerox)

How to print to or copy on a Xerox printer using a Department Copy Card

How to see which Shared Accounts you have access to charge to for printing

How a user can check which Shared Accounts they have access to for printing

PaperCut Client Error: Assistive Technology not found:

How to resolve the Error: Assistive Technology not found: that may occur when trying to launch PaperCut Client on a machine with ImageNow or screen reader software installed on it.

PaperCut Print Deploy error "Well this is awkward ... The Print Deploy Client can't find the servers..."

How to resolve the "Well this is awkward ... The Print Deploy Client can't find the servers..." error by re-installing the PaperCut Print Deploy client.

Pay for Print Shared Accounts

How to charge to a Shared Account when printing

Printing to a Xerox printer from a personally owned (BYOD) device

How to print to the new University-owned Xerox Printers from a personal mobile device or laptop.

Printing to a Xerox printer using a University-managed macOS computer

How to print and what to expect on macOS with managed print services.

Remove old Canon print queues from macOS or Windows

How to delete or remove queues that are no longer used, that had gone to old Canon printers

Selecting Department Account to charge in PaperCut Advanced Account selection pop-up

The account selection in the Advanced pop-up has been confusing for some. Checking the preferred box to the right of an account does not select the account to charge, but adds it to a Preferred List tab in the standard pop-up. Follow the instructions below to properly select the account to charge.

Submitting A Job Through Web Print

How to use web print with papercut.

UM Xerox Managed Print costs

UM Campus Xerox printing costs

Xerox Printer Model Advanced printing options

Information on which printer models are likely to have which advanced printing options

Copying, Scanning and Faxing using a Xerox Device

How to use the Copy, scan and scan to fax functions on the Xerox Multi-function Printers (MFPs).

Authenticating/Logging in to a Xerox printer when Transact is offline

How to login to release jobs at a Xerox device when Transact is down.