How to use select additional print options (duplex, color, staple, hole punch) when printing to a Xerox printer

The Xerox printers have a number of options users can select when printing. This article explains how to choose some commonly used options from the System Print Dialog and how these options can be selected or changed when at the printer, just before releasing the print job.


WARNING: Make sure to release the print job at a printer with the capabilities for the advanced options you will be using. See Xerox Printer Model Advanced printing options.
WARNING: While choices like duplex and color options are available using UMS-BYOD-FindMe queue, advanced printing features such as stapling and hole punch are not.
DANGER: If you do not select the preferred option (such as single- versus double-sided) at the computer dialogue, you will not receive the option to change that option at the Xerox printer itself. It is critical to ensure preferred settings/options are selected at the computer first, and double-checked at the Xerox before releasing the print job.

Using the System Print Dialog


  1. Press Ctrl + P keys to open up the System Print dialogue window
  2. Select the queue you want to print to
  3. Click Preferences
  4. Click Print Settings
  5. In the Xerox Printer Settings, on the Print Options tab
    • use the third drop-down menu to select 1-Sided Print or 2-sided Printing
    • Select desired Finishing options if stapling or hole punching, choose Multiple Finishings from the drop-down menu if you would like to select stapling and hole-punch options
    • click the fifth button down to select and then select the desired radial for either Off (Use Document Color) or Xerox Black and White), then click OK
    • INFO: If you will use these settings frequently, you can save them by clicking Presets, Save as, and naming it. Queue Preferences, Print Settings, Preset drop-down menu with Save as highlighted
    • Then it will appear in the 1-Touch options in Printer Settings for use on future print jobs. 1-Touch options in queue Xerox Preferences, showing new Preset that had been saved.
    • Click OK


WARNING: The only options available to macOS users printing through the UMS-FindMe queue are: color or grayscale, single-sided or duplex, paper size, and collate. This is because the macOS uses its built-in Generic PostScript driver to print to the UMS-FindMe queue. If you need advanced printing options, then install the optional queue that prints directly to the printer you want to print to, see How to install an optional direct print queue to a Xerox printer on a University-manageddevice.
WARNING: Some users, especially those using BYOD, may select a default paper size or type that will cause a "bypass error" at the printer. It's important to ask users to check paper settings both on the printer and the computer side.

Use Command + P or select Print from the application's menu. 

Using FindMe with Generic PostScript Driver

The print window varies by application (Word, Chrome, etc). in most applications, after Print, you click More Settings, and then you will see an option for Print Using System Dialog. Then you can select the number of copies, Paper Size, Two-sided, etc. There is a drop-down menu halfway down the System Print Dialog window that offers a drop-down menu to get to additional options such as collating, etc.

Using optional Direct Queue with Xerox Driver

If you have installed the optional queue that prints directly to a printer with stapling, In the Print window, scroll down and expand Printer Options, select Xerox Feature to get to the settings available in the Xerox driver. Select the settings and finishing options desired.

Xerox Features, Xerox Driver window with print options


Selection Options at the Printer

At the printer, you can choose to check the boxes for the jobs to release and then check the boxes at the bottom of the Print Release job list for Duplex and/or Grayscale before hitting print to quickly convert a job or jobs.

Print Release job list, with check boxes at the bottom checked for Duplex and GrayScale

Or you can select the > to the right of a specific job to edit job details including number of pages, color or black & white, or duplex or single-sided. You can also edit the account to be charged.

Job details on Xerox display panel with options to edit


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  • Papercut MF
  • Windows


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