Printing to a Xerox printer using a University-managed Windows device

Users can print from University-managed computers to University printers. Print jobs are tracked and charged to the user's Campus card or, if authorized, to a Department account. 



INFO: Access is available on UMS networks or when running the Remote Access VPN.
WARNING: If not using a shared/department account for printing, you will need to have printing funds available on your campus card in order to print. See Add funds to UMS OneCard for PaperCut Pay for Print for instructions on how to add funds and check your balance.
INFO: If you do not see the icon for Print Deploy (looks like a multifunction printer) and the PaperCut Client (green P), and you need to print to a Xerox printer, please install Print Deploy Client and the PaperCut Client from Software Center or Application catalog.                                                                                      PaperCut Client v22 and Print Deploy Client in Software Center               
WARNING: In order to get the automatic deployments, your device needs to be connected to the University network and you need to be logged in with your primary ID/domain account. If you do not see the application available, check you are connected to the University network or to the VPN and if Software Center doesn't even open or load then create a ticket with the Help Desk.

On Your Computing Device

  1. Print as you normally would using your Operating System (OS), making sure to select UMS-FindME queue when selecting the printer queue. See How to use select additional print options (duplex, color, staple, hole punch) when printing to a Xerox printer for help with commonly used printing options.
  1. if prompted by the PaperCut or Print Deploy Client, authenticate with UMS id and password and then select charge to a shared account
  2. Select the account to print from:
    • If you see the Standard Account selection pop-up, select the account from the drop-down menu.
      • Standard Account selection pop-up with Charge to Shared account radial selected and an account selected from the Account drop-down just below
    • INFO: If you see the Advanced Account selection pop-up, highlight the appropriate account in blue from the Account menu. See Selecting Department Account to charge in PaperCut Advanced Account selection pop-up for more details. Most users have the Standard Account selection, like what is pictured above, but some users who print to several accounts may be configured to Advanced Account Selection.
  3. Click Print
  4. Go to the nearest Xerox printer

At the Printer/Copier

  1. Swipe your Campus Card to Login to the printer
  2. Click the Print Release Button on the printer's screen
    • PaperCut MF home screen on Printer display, showing Print Release button
  3. Select the checkbox on the job(s) you want to release and then click Print
    • OR click the > to the right of the job to review and confirm job details such as the account to be charged, color or black and white, and duplex or single-sided. Then click Print.
    • INFO: If you are authorized to use Shared Accounts and are printing from a University Managed macOS or Windows device, you will receive an insufficient fund error if you try to print without selecting an account to charge to either from the job details or from the PaperCut Client


  • New Pay for print/Xerox print environment
  • University-managed Windows and macOS


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