Selecting Department Account to charge in PaperCut Advanced Account selection pop-up

The account selection in the Advanced pop-up has been confusing for some. Checking the preferred box to the right of an account does not select the account to charge, but adds it to a Preferred List tab in the standard pop-up. Follow the instructions below to properly select the account to charge.


WARNING: If you are an employee, the Shared Account you have access to is based on your Payroll record. For more information, see the "What Department(s) will I be able to charge to?" section of Department Printing and Copying Costs.
  1. When the Advanced Account Selection Pop-up appears, click on the account that you want to charge to so that it is highlighted in blue.
  2. You may also select the "Preferred" checkbox, which gives you the ability to work from a shorter list to select from, called the Preferred list in the standard print dialogue. Periodically, this will be set back to defaults (a person's personal account), so it's best practice to reselect Preferred every once in a while. 
    • Advanced Account selection pop-up with Shared account selected and highlighted in blue
  3. Click Print.
WARNING: If My Personal Account is highlighted in blue, then it will charge, or attempt to charge, your Campus Card. If there are no funds, then the job will not release and you will receive an insufficient funds error.


  • Managed Print Services
  • PaperCut 
  • Xerox

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