Printing to a Xerox printer using a University-managed macOS computer

Printing to the new Xerox copiers on macOS uses Papercut client and Papercut Print Deploy. Just like on Windows, the UMS-FindMe queue will be automatically installed, with optional direct print queues available. Faculty and staff have some limitations when using the UMS-FindMe queue on macOS. First, duplex will be available, however, staple and hole punch will require using the direct print queue. Next, managed macOS computers are not connected to the University of Maine System active directory, so users will need to use "UAD\{ums username}" in the login window when printing. Finally, if a faculty or staff logs into a computer where their username is not the same as their UMS username, they will need to sign into Papercut as well. These credentials can be saved to the Keychain to reduce logins with printing.


Installing Papercut Client and Print Deploy client

  1. The Papercut client and Papercut Print Deploy client will be automatically pushed to all devices when your campus has migrated to Xerox copiers.
  2. The applications will also be made part of the standard application deployment for all new machines.
  3. On a University-managed, open the "UMS Application Catalog" from the Applications folder.
  4. Search for Papercut.
  5. Install the policy labeled "Papercut Client & Print Deploy".
    • App Catalog showing the icon for the installer that installs both Print Deploy and PaperCut Client
  6. Restart your computer once the applications have finished installing.

Printing to the UMS-FindMe Queue

  1. If you are off campus, please connect to the general purpose vpn prior to trying to print.
  2. The UMS-FindMe will be automatically installed and set as the default.
  3. Click on Print from your application of choice and select UMS-FindMe if it is not already selected.
  4. Click Print.
  5. When prompted for login, sign in with your UMS username and password adding "uad\" in front of the username.

Login window with uad\ in username field.

WARNING: If you have a username that is over 20 characters, please contact the help desk to review your options for sign in.You may not use your email address as your login as that will not authenticate to
INFO: You can select "Save my credentials to my keychain" if you do not wish to type this in each time you print.
  1. If your computer username matches your UMS username, you will be directly prompted with the account selection window asking if you want to charge your personal account (card service funds) or a department account.
    1. If your account does not match, you will be prompted to log into Papercut first.
    2. Log in with your UMS username and password.
  2. Select the account to print from:
  3. Click Print. Your print job will be sent to the print server and will be waiting to be released on any Xerox printer

Releasing your job

  1. Go to the Xerox printer and swipe your campus OneCard to authenticate to the printer
  2. Click Print Release
    • PaperCut MF app screen on the printer display with Print Release button
  3. Select the checkbox on the job(s) you want to release and then click Print

Installing a Specific Print Queue

If faculty and staff require additional print options such as staple, collate, and hole punch, they may install a specific print queue. See How to install an optional direct print queue to a Xerox printer on a University-manageddevice.


  • Managed print services with University-managed computers.
  • macOS
  • Xerox


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