What is Find-Me Printing?

With Find-Me Printing, a user sends a print job to the general queue.  The job will not  be printed until the user "releases" it at the device that they choose by logging in with an employee or student ID card or with a username & password.

Detailed Information

  • How long does a user have to release a job after sending it to the find-me-print queue?

    • Jobs will be held in the queue for 36 hours.

  • Can a user change a job from B&W to color when releasing the job?

    • Yes. A the time of release, the user can make changes to options such as color, 2-sided, etc

  • Can you clarify the card swipe feature?

    • Users will be able to login to new Xerox devices with their UMS Campus Card/Mobile Credentials by “tapping the reader”. The experience is similar to locations that currently have building door access using the UMS Campus Card/Mobile Credentials.

    • Existing ID cards issued by campuses will be used for this as long as the card is "tap" enabled.  Some older cards only have "swipe" functionality and will need to be replaced. 

    • Person holding ID Card to panel of Xerox copier.

  • If I print something and want to reprint it later, will it still be available?

    • For security purposes, jobs are not retained on the server, or Copier/Printer.  A job will need to be reprinted from the computer.

  • Will there be an option to install specific copier print queues and not use find me printing?

    • The Find-Me queue will allow selection of greyscale or color at the time of submitting the print or when the job is released.  On University managed computers, direct print queues will be available to support advanced features, such as various finisher options.  These queues will be secure release.

  • Do off-site users need to use the VPN to print?

    • Offsite printing will require use of the UMS VPN.


  • What if I lose my ID Card?  Will someone be able to access my prints?

    • If you report a card lost or stolen, it will be disabled and can not be used to release print jobs.

  • Where are print jobs stored before they are printed? Can anyone else see the information that I am printing?

    • Print Jobs are stored on UMS Servers prior to Secure Release.  The content of the print job is only stored until the job is completed.  Print and Copy jobs will not be retained on Xerox equipment.



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