Request a Shared Account to be used for sponsored printing by a Campus Group or Student Organization

Shared Accounts are for invoiced printing/copying and do not support quotas or fixed amounts.  Some campuses sponsor printing for ongoing specific Non-employee groups on their campus  whose members have accounts.  Now that printers are centrally owned and managed, this sponsored printing requires the creation of a Shared Account,  linked to a University Budget, in order for users in those groups to print without charging to their Personal account.  The attached form collects the needed information to determine if the  request is appropriate.

This is not a replacement for semester ending "Free" printing or for campus subsidized printing.  Those would be handled by Campus Card services. 



WARNING: Adhoc Shared Accounts  will not be created for current or future employees who will have shared accounts available to them but want access to additional accounts. See Department Printing and Copying Costs.  The intended use is primarily for student groups or non-employees who have existing accounts, commonly known as POI's.


Please be sure you have the following information before submitting a request

  • List of primary user IDs for initial group membership (Ex: sam.fetzman Adjunct)
  • GL chartfield combination (CFC) that will be charged for sponsored printing
    • Please supply complete information in the following format.  "Dept-Fund-Program-Project-Operating Unit"
    • We may request a screenshot of your GL account similar to below that shows the Account information and name.
      • Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


  • Point of Contact(s) responsible for authorizing future changes for access to charge to the account.



INFO:   Membership additions and/or removals will take effect overnight.


If membership changes are needed after the initial group is created, create a ticket for your campus ITSS with the following:

  • The GL account information for the group

  • List of primary user IDs to be added or removed.


  • PaperCut
  • Xerox

When leaving feedback below, please leave your contact information if you would like a response.

Request Shared Printing Account Print Article


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