Request a Xerox copier move, add, or remove

Copiers no longer move just because a department moves, but there still are cases in which copiers may need to be moved, swapped for capability or additional copiers need to be added. The instructions below explain how to submit a Xerox copier move, add or change requests, a Xerox copier swap request, or a Key Operator change request.


WARNING:  All movements of copiers must be requested in advance using the IT ticketing system.  Departments are not allowed to move copiers on their own, this service must be handle by a Xerox copier team. (Xerox charges per move of already deployed copiers, typically $250 per copier)


  1. Copier Move - Submit a ticket to "IT EUT (End User Technology)" with the following info
    • UMS#### of copier to move or change
    • Current location of copier (building and room #)
    • New location for copier (building and room #)
    • Updated information if the Key Operator will change with the move.
  2. Copier Swap - Submit a ticket to EUT with the following info
    • UMS#### of copiers to swap
    • updated location if swap location may change
  3. Copier Key Operator change request  - Submit a ticket to EUT with the following info
    • UMS#### for the copier
    • New Key Operator First and last name
    • Email of new Key Operator


INFO: For all requests, it is best to provide the information in the form of a .csv or Excel spreadsheet with the column headings: Type, Device Model, ID Tag, Serial #, Current Address, Specific Location, MAC Address, New Address, New Specific Location, Move Date, Supply Contact, Phone, Email, Device Contact Phone Email.


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