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Add funds to UMS OneCard for PaperCut Pay for Print

How to add funds to UMS OneCard for Printing with PaperCut.

Authenticating/Logging in to a Xerox printer when Transact is offline

How to login to release jobs at a Xerox device when Transact is down.

Campus Card login to Xerox device did not work

How to troubleshoot issues with authenticating to a Xerox device with a campus One Card

Copying, Scanning and Faxing using a Xerox Device

How to use the Copy, scan and scan to fax functions on the Xerox Multi-function Printers (MFPs).

How to Print using a Guest CopyCard (Xerox)

How to print to a Xerox printer when using a Copy Card (aka Guest Card)

How to print when Transact is offline for an Upgrade

How to print when Transact is offline for an Upgrade

Pages from Adobe Acrobat Printing Blank on Windows (Xerox)

If print jobs from Adobe Acrobat on Windows are printing blank to University Xerox printers, this article is for you.

PaperCut Client does not pop up for account selection

How to fix issue of PaperCut Client not popping up to prompt for account selection or authentication

Printing to a Xerox printer from a personally owned (BYOD) device

How to print to the new University-owned Xerox Printers from a personal mobile device or laptop.

Scanning from a Xerox Printer using a Copy Card

How to scan from a Xerox printer using a guest Copy Card

Submitting A Job Through Web Print

How to use web print with papercut.

Uninstall PaperCut Mobility Print

How to uninstall the PaperCut Mobility Print Client

User with long username (greater than 20 characters) unable to login to PaperCut client

How to log into Papercut if your username is greater than 20 characters long