User with long username (greater than 20 characters) unable to login to PaperCut client

If you have a long UMSID username (more than 20 characters) you may not be able to login to Papercut client. This is due to the way Papercut accounts are automatically created from your UMSID. Several solutions are available to address this issue.


INFO: End User Technology is looking at alternate solutions to the ones that are currently available and described below, such as logging in with the user's full email address. Users with existing long names have been granted some funds in PaperCut to print with in the interim, so as to not force a username change or the need for the user to remember an alternate username for PaperCut.

To resolve issues logging into PaperCut with a long user name (> 20 characters),, there are two options: 

  1. login with your RILK (Rename Insensitive Login Key) for your username (the Help Desk can look up your RILK in UMS User ID Manager)
  2. Change your username to something that is 20 characters or less, see How to change your UMS log in username

Technical Details

When a user logs into PaperCut it checks if there is an account in PaperCut for the user. If the account was synced in from Active Directory (AD), it then checks the account credentials against Active Directory (AD).  It checks the user's existence by SAM Account in AD. Since Microsoft has a maximum SAM Account Name length of 20 characters, for user names longer than 20 characters, the University converts it to $.xxxxx where xxxxx is the account RILK. The RILK is an unchanging internal number used by the ID Management System. In addition to the SAM Account Name, eduPrincipalName is also synced into PaperCut as an alias for the account username. This provides an alternate login option for users with long usernames.


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